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EeePCs, Ralink 2860, and Linux drivers

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Things are looking up.

The rt2860sta driver is now working properly: the panic bug was fixed in Linux 2.6.32-rc5, and another bug which broke things for all but those of us whose EeePC has a Ralink 2860 has been fixed (the patch which caused it has been reverted), ready for 2.6.32-rc7. (The “panic bug” being the one which caused the kernel on any EeePC with a Ralink 2860 wireless network chip to panic, freezing the computer, when Fn-F2 was pressed while the wireless interface is associated with an access point.)

Also, linux-next has a newer version of rt2860sta which doesn’t require the fix from -rc5. I’ve tested this driver on my 901, so I should know 🙂 (I’m guessing that this will be included in 2.6.33-rc1.)

I’ve also found that rt2800pci (from Benoit Papillaut’s repository) works nicely. (For the terminally interested, I tested up to commit d83ad2c9.)

I’ve not recently tested rt2x00 (which is upstream from Benoit’s repository) recently, though I should think that it too is fine now.

Which, all considered, is all rather good – may the best driver(s) win 🙂


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