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The American date format must die. Horribly. With pitchforks and fire.

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Actually, so must our own. Today, for example, is 27/12/2014. Next Saturday is 3/1/2015, unless you’re American (or, evidently, Taiwanese or Chinese, if computer BIOSes are anything to go by), in which case it’s 1/3/2015 – which looks like 3 March to me.

Such formats are fine if they’re used where they won’t be misread.

WordPress uses this format inappropriately. This article was, according to them, “published on 12/27/2014 23:50”. Okay, that one happens to be unambiguous, but I’d be happier if that date were shown as “27/12/2014” (which is correct for where I am) or, better, “2014-12-27”.

Let’s all use ISO 8601 and avoid this mess!


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