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St. Insert-Name-Here’s Park

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Well, okay, maybe not quite that bad. But close enough. (And it’s about time that I wrote something about this, now that things have calmed down a bit.)

You have to agree that the initial annoucement of Mike Ashley’s plans to invite sponsorship for the renaming of St. James’s Park was, well, a bit of a PR disaster.  The announcement was made, there was “a bit of” a backlash, then Derek Llambias (Newcastle United chairman, for both of you who’ve not yet heard of him) was wheeled out to say that the plan is “ @ St. James’s Park Stadium” (or something very similar), of which the general opinion seems to be “marginally better, but still unacceptable”.

Witness the crowd at NUFC home games (against Peterborough, for example): “get out of our club“, “stand up for St. James’s Park“, and no doubt a few more to come. (more…)


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