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Oh, for a user with clue… (or Lowest Common Documentation)

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Now that that’s grabbed your attention… 🙂

Fortunately, many do seem to have some clue, or at least the capacity to absorb some clue, which is good; these ones, as we all know, are usually easy enough to deal with even when they file reports about distributor-specific bugs in the upstream bug-tracking system, sometimes without any indication whatsoever of what they’re actually using. (Clearly, we upstream people know exactly what the bug reporter is using and know exactly what differences are present in each and every distributors’ patched sources.)

I saw an example of this recently. It turned out to be a distributor-added bug: a wrapper script which used $@ instead of "$@", and those of us who grok shell stuff know what that means. (Oh go on, throw a filename containing a space at it. You know that you want to. Waka waka waka.)

But then there are ones like this…



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