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x32 isn’t x86

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There’s a shiny new possibly-to-be-in-Debian architecture named x32. This is, basically, amd64 (x86_64) with a 32-bit address space and 32-bit long integers.

Unfortunately, people have been referring to i386 (x86) as x32, presumably influenced by a certain monopolistic company calling amd64 ‘x64’ – I’ve seen search results including “Ubuntu 10.04 x32”. If x32 gains significant traction (looks like it could be gaining that now) and gets into Debian proper, and subsequently also derivatives such as Ubuntu, then this is going to be a little bit interesting…



EeePCs, Ralink 2860, and Linux drivers

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Things are looking up.

The rt2860sta driver is now working properly: the panic bug was fixed in Linux 2.6.32-rc5, and another bug which broke things for all but those of us whose EeePC has a Ralink 2860 has been fixed (the patch which caused it has been reverted), ready for 2.6.32-rc7. (The “panic bug” being the one which caused the kernel on any EeePC with a Ralink 2860 wireless network chip to panic, freezing the computer, when Fn-F2 was pressed while the wireless interface is associated with an access point.)

Also, (more…)


Intel SATA chipsets and AHCI

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I’ve been playing with Matthew Garrett’s AHCI patch¹ (and discussing it with him on IRC), and we now have a new patch which seems to work a bit better: it handles a few possible failures and situations in which the quirk shouldn’t be activated, and also handles resume (for ICH7M; others need to be added and tested). (more…)

Shiny new hardware

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I acquired a shiny new mini-ITX box with an Intel D945GCLF2 the other day to replace an ageing Pentium II box. Installation went smoothly (after some initial messing with what to boot from): I started from a lenny amd64 live CD and debootstrapped from there (more…)

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