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xine and WebM

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I’ve just this evening been pointed at WebM. It’s looking like the video format (VP8) will need a small amount of work to be supported in xine, but the container format (a Matroska subset) is essentially already supported, requiring only minor tweakage.

With any luck, it’ll take but a few days to sort out the VP8 support, so it should all be ready in plenty of time for 1.1.19 (which, as usual, will be ready “when it’s ready”).



xine-lib upcoming: VDPAU and BluRay

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For those of you who regularly taint your kernels with nVidia code, VDPAU support has been merged into xine-lib. I created a copy of the xine-vdpau repository yesterday, first importing it (up to r275)¹ into a local Mercurial repository with the help of hgimportsvn and hgpullsvn (hgsvn).

Since the VDPAU support requires incompatible ABI changes, it needed to be ported to xine-lib 1.2; this is fine because the 1.2 API and ABI are not fixed yet². Consequently, it’s still a bit experimental, so it’s in a new (and temporary) 1.2 repository; it’ll go into the main 1.2 repository in due course.

(I can’t test the VDPAU code myself. I don’t have any nVidia graphics hardware, and nor do I want any: I sometimes use 3D and I don’t want the taint preventing me from upgrading to newer kernels as and when I choose and with whatever configuration options are appropriate for the hardware and I want to be able to report and occasionally fix kernel bugs without having to reboot without re-tainting the kernel just to get trustworthy kernel logs… so here’s hoping that VDPAU becomes supported by open-source drivers, and not only for nVidia hardware…)

Also, we’ve also got some basic BluRay support going into the next release in 1.1.17, which was released on 1 December. It won’t play discs as yet (and that probably won’t land in 1.1), but it should be able to handle decrypted files reasonably well. (No, I’ve not been able to test this either – yet. M2TS files are definitely playable, at least from hard disk.) There are still things missing; I’m currently expecting more patches.

Finally, if anybody wants to contribute to xine-lib and, hopefully, get involved in developing it (and I don’t just mean new features), by all means, send patches, fix bugs, acquire fame and fortune, get your name in lights the authors list…

¹ r276, the current revision at import time, is a bug fix and has nothing to do with VDPAU. As such, it went directly into 1.1.
² They will be when 1.2.0 is (eventually) released

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